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Students are required to have 75% attendance in every subject.
If a candidate fails to secure 75% attendance the college is having full authority to withheld his/her examination.
For counting attendance the date of commencement of classes is taken into account instead of date of admission of candidate.
10% medical leave will be granted students if they produce appropriate medical certificate.
NCC and sports camps will qualify the students for attendance.


Timings are from 10.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M. College begins at 10.00 A.M. and all the students are expected to be in college on time.
Punctuality in attending lectures is strictly observed.
Students should not wander in the college premises or make noise in the ground during working hours.
Free periods are meant for library purposes. Hence students are bound to utilise them.
Students are advised to see the notice board every day.
Students are responsible for their belongings in the college
Use of mobile phones by students is strictly prohibited.

General Discipline:

Students should be carefully and neatly dressed. Ideal personal hygiene should be maintained by everyone.
Students should be respectful towards their mentors and also members of the teaching staff. Courtesy should be shown to all the members of non-teaching staff as well.
Students should be regular and punctual in attendance. Shortage of attendance cannot be allowed as per University rules.
College property (library, movable or immovable) property should not be damaged on any account.
No student is allowed to argue with Principal and the staff.
Students of this college are expected to be on the best of their behaviour even outside the campus so as to uphold the prestige of this college.
Use of violence or abusive language is strictly prohibited on the campus. Students should be polite. Strict Discipline should be shown even outside the class-rooms.
Students are advised not to wear gaudy dresses.


Parents/Guardians can meet the Principal between 3.00 P.M. to 4.00 P.M.


To solve any issues of the students, there is a Student Welfare Cell headed by Principal and other members.
Suggestions/complaints are obtained from students and resolved by the cell.
Action can be taken by the cell based on the feedback given by students.


Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college.
Punishment according to Anti-ragging Act shall be given to students involved in any ragging activity.
The Anti-ragging Squad and the Anti-ragging Committee is formed in accordance with the directives issued by the State Government, Osmania University and AICTE rules.


An ICC has been formed to protect the interests of girl students and lady staff members to deal with the evils of society and any kind of abuse in the college premises. The committee is being assisted by the Principal and various members.


Special Fee Committee is meant for aiding student activities. It deals with distribution of funds for various academic allied activities like organizing educational tours, seminars and workshops, subscribing to various magazines and newspapers, etc.

The Other Committees include:
  1. Selection Committee
  2. Admission Committee
  3. Academic Committee
  4. Research and Consultancy Committee
  5. Library Committee
  6. Management Committee
  7. Editorial Committee
  8. UGC Committee
  9. Cultural Committee
  10. Examination Committee, etc.